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Sagua Services & Travel is a professional Travel Service Company that specializes in Cuba and combines tour and travel components to create a perfect holiday. We guarantee all the products and services you may need in Cuba, which include transportation, accommodations, excursions, expert guides, meals, special activities, and 24/7 team support. The expertise acquired over nearly two decades in the hospitality industry in Cuba allows us to design, implement and supervise travel packages to Cuba for our clients, all in full compliance with US regulations.

We also specialize in large and small group events, whether it is a business meeting, convention, congress, or special events. Our clients range from tour operators to Universities and all kinds of organizations. We have a team of experienced professionals with a proven record in managing operations in all segments of the travel industry in Cuba. Our extensive knowledge of Cuban hospitality, the longstanding business relationship with decision-makers and service providers, and our well-structured logistics ensure that each project we undertake becomes a benchmark event for the market and a memorable experience for our clients.

Sagua Services & Travel has completed all the mandatory partnerships required by the Cuban government for US travel agencies to provide Cuba travel services. We are in partnership with two major Cuban local companies, Havanatur S.A. and Paradiso, both authorized by the Cuban government to provide tourism services to American citizens visiting Cuba. In addition, we have special partnerships with other organizations and institutions on the island, including the Cuban Institute of Sports and Recreation, Cubadeportes S.A; Cuban Medical Services (SMC), and Palco Business Group.


To provide high standard products and services to American tour operators, travel agencies, Corporate Travel Managers and M.I.C.E specialists in Cuba that includes transportation, hotel accommodation, restaurants, activities, venue selection, themed events, gala dinners, meetings and creative corporate schemes as well as translation services. We are dedicated to providing extra value and exceeding industry standards as well as our clients expectations. Part of our mission is to help in creating unforgettable memories in Cuba.


Our vision is to become the natural choice of tour operators, travel agents, corporate travel managers and specialized MICE companies in the United States for high-quality destination management services in Cuba.


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